a woodland hideaway in the heart of devon.

Honeydown Etiquette

we want to be sure you have the best possible experience here at honeydown, while also staying safe and respecting the woodland. to help ensure this, we have a few important things that we need to draw your attention to before your visit.


the woodland:

please be aware that you are staying in a natural environment which has not been cultivated or tidied for our pleasure. the ground is uneven in places, it can be slippery when wet, there are trip hazards in the form of roots and fallen branches, brambles are aplenty and may scratch your legs. there are sheep in the neighbouring fields and a family of deer visit regularly.

you are responsible for your own safety while staying here and you will be using the woodland, equipment (including gas hob, bbq and fire pit) and facilities at your own risk.

we are in the process of creating two large ponds to encourage more diverse wildlife to the woodland. in wet weather it may be slippery around the edges of these ponds so please keep a safe distance if you come across them.

you will be sharing the woodland with many other smaller living creatures. please remember this is their home. please treat every creature you meet, no matter how small, with care and respect as they all have a huge part to play in the ecosystem of the wood.

tread lightly and leave things as you found them. take only pictures and memories and help us keep our wonderful woodland unspoiled so that others may enjoy it too.



you have a wood burning stove inside your truffle, an aquaforno bbq system, and there are designated places in the wood for campfires – these are the only places fire lighting is permitted, please do not light fires anywhere else. you will have one tub of wood provided, along with kindling and firelighters. more of all these things can be purchased on site. please only use the wood and kindling available at honeydown.

it is very important that you do not take fallen wood from the woodland floor or remove branches from trees for your fire. fallen wood is habitat for wildlife and the trees need their limbs intact or their health can be severely impacted. while you might think a little wood snaffled from the undergrowth won’t hurt, it would soon make an enormous difference to the health and vitality of the woodland should every visitor behave that way. we have a woodland management plan in place and wood can only be removed from the woodland in strict adherence to this plan.

you will find some candles in covered lanterns around your outdoor area. you are welcome to light and enjoy these where they are, within their containers, but do not take candles inside your truffle.

each truffle has a portable gas burner / hob in the outdoor cooking area. this hob may only be used where you find it, it must not be lit inside the truffle.

there is a kettle in each outdoor cooking area. this kettle is for use on the gas burner / hob, please do not use it on the fire pit or aquaforno.

you will be given instruction re how to operate your wood burning stove. please note this is for heat only, it is not to be used for cooking.

please do not smoke or vape in or around the truffles or any other building. if you do smoke outside please be respectful of our other guests, and please dispose of your waste responsibly.



we have ‘proper’ flushing toilets here at honeydown. to manage our waste we have a willow wastewater system. we’ve planted/installed this to help us reduce our impact on the environment. if it’s treated well it will look after your natural waste in an environmentally low impact and responsible way. if you’d like to learn more about how it all works and why it’s such a positive thing, we’re always happy to talk about how your poop grows trees, saves fish and doesn’t contaminate our precious rivers and waterways.

to help us keep the willow system running efficiently, please do not flush anything other than toilet roll. bins are provided for all other bathroom waste. and please only use the care and cleaning products (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand soap and washing up liquid) provided. let us know if you have allergies/sensitivities or need to use prescribed products and we will get in touch to discuss this with you.

towels are provided for your stay, please leave these in the bathroom and bring your own beach towels if you intend to get wet anywhere other than the shower.



our reception, toilet block and mini kitchen prep/wash-up/fridge area are all on mains power as all our best endeavours to find solar energy which would work efficiently under a tree canopy led to a dead end. we ease our guilt with this by choosing a green 100% renewable energy supplier but we also need you to help us by turning off lights as soon as you’re finished with them please.

you will not have mains power at your truffle. all lighting there is run on battery power and these batteries do of course need charging when flat – help us here too please by turning off all battery powered lights (including those outside your truffle) when you no longer need them.


inside your truffle:

please treat everything in your truffle with care. we’ve chosen things which we hope bring you joy while you relax indoors, please leave everything as you find it for the next guests to enjoy too. make good use of the maps, books and games but don’t take any of them home with you. if you notice anything damaged or broken please let us know straight away so we can do our best to rectify it. and we’d be very grateful if you’d please let us know of any breakages which occur during your stay before you check out.

there are rugs, blankets and cushions inside the truffle. while you’re welcome to make use of the blankets outdoors in the hammock or around your fire pit, please do not take the rugs or cushions outside.

as cleaning without easy access to power or water is a tricky business, we’d very much appreciate you removing your shoes (and especially muddy boots) before entering your truffle. plus, the truffle’s roots lie in scandinavia and it’s considered bad form there to enter a house in your shoes! bring your slippers to keep your toes toasty inside.

lock your truffle when you leave honeydown and make sure to pop any personal stuff inside. we cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft on the site – we encourage you to take out travel insurance to cover your personal possessions while on holiday with us. keep your key safe while out.



above all else we want you to have the break you need and deserve here at honeydown. we know how precious time off can be, and how important it is to relax and have some down time. however, we must ask that you please remember the other guests who might have come for some peace and solitude. there is a fair distance between each truffle but noise can travel through the woodland and so we request that the volume is down between 10pm and 8am


neighbouring farm:

most of our neighbours are sheep…. they are friendly but nervous so please don’t venture into any fields. please stick to the pathways when walking out beyond honeydown – you will find plenty of safe places to wander, including a path to the farm shop next door.


the weather:

Like much of Britain, the weather can be changeable in mid-Devon. When the sun shines it’s glorious here at Honeydown – the woodland is vivid and comes alive with the speckled light dancing on the leaves. But without the rain we would have no woodland… Please be prepared for ‘bad’ weather and embrace it if it comes. There is a special fresh smell in the wood when the rain falls, and the sound of rainfall on the roof of a Truffle is magical. Make sure you bring wellies, waterproofs and suitable clothing and are prepared for any weather, just in case.


when it’s time to leave:

Check-out time is 11am. Before you say goodbye and return home please make sure that you have gathered all your personal belongings and leave everything else behind as you found it. Clean and sort your recycling and put it in the designated bins which you will find near the cabin. Please remember to leave your key in your Truffle door and make payment for any extras you purchased.