a woodland hideaway in the heart of devon.

Stay at Honeydown

find yourself in the uninterrupted calm of our 15 acre woodland. be part of nature living in a truffle – a unique handcrafted wooden dome. while all truffles are the same, each has its own individual simple charm, with upcycled furniture, cosy blankets and hammocks to daydream in. all truffles are dotted around the woodland with no visible neighbours. discover your perfect truffle.

Truffle locations

hidden in the centre of the woodland, heartwood is surrounded by oak trees and nestled by the pond.

the first truffle you meet at honeydown, sleepy dormouse is tucked at the edge of the woodland.

discover honeydown’s treasured orchids and a sprinkling of mystical scarlet elf cups surrounding moss.

watch the sun twinkle at sun-dapple in the top corner of the woodland, along a winding path.

a secluded spot, furthest from the cabin, hush sits quietly far from any neighbour.

opening in the summer of 24′, we’re excited to share our new venue for groups and events.

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